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Retirement and your control

3 Things To Do Right Now For Your Portfolio

How to Navigate Your Portfolio

Stock Market Volatility


In 2019 the Feds have lowered interest rates two times and another possible rate cut is on the horizon

What does this mean to your portfolio?

While a rate cut normally makes the stock market rally it could have a negative effect on your bonds, CD’s, and the rates of money markets.

Market correction and what it will take to recover

In today’s ever-changing markets investors are turning more and more to less volatile places to put their retirement.

With the markets daily volatility many do not know what is safe and where to invest. Some investors have been holding there assets and riding the high of the 11-year bull market.

Alternative Investments

Many people today are exploring their options into alternative investments in conjunction with their traditional investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and CD’s.

The stock market is at an 11 year bull market where the S&P 500 averaged more than 16% per year.

30 Year Historical Chart of the S&P 500

Do you feel uneasy by the daily gains and losses in the stock market?

Does the volatility have you concerned about your portfolio?

The above graph shows a 30 year historical of the S&P 500. The stock market is on its 11 year of a bull market. When markets are high many investors DO NOT feel diversification is necessary because they are riding the high that the market is giving them.

TAKE CONTROL of your Retirement

  1. Are you concerned about outliving your money will you have enough in retirement?
  2. Are you concerned for your future medical expenses or cost of living?
  3. Are you worried about the economy & changes in the market?
  4. Are you tired of your Nest Egg being at risk & will you have enough for a legacy?

Time and Diversification

There are two key elements in a portfolio time and diversification?

Has your portfolio been able to recover from previous years of loss and uncertainty? Some people believe in taking a more aggressive approach to recapture losses rather than looking at the root cause. Is your portfolio truly diversified or are you to heavy in one area? That is something you can explore in a FREE consultation with us at our office.

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