3 Things To Do Right Now For Your Portfolio

3 Things To Do Right Now For Your Portfolio

When markets are high people tend to ignore their portfolios and when markets are low they tend to pay more attention.

With the markets daily ups and downs and the Covid19 crisis in the world now this is a good time to pay special attention to your assets.

STEP # 1.

            Schedule A Portfolio Review- We will look at your portfolio’s exposure to risk & market downturns and offer suggestions to diversify your assets. We can develop a roadmap to meet your goals. We can also review your risk tolerance.

STEP # 2.

            Request An Income Analysis – this will show you areas of strength and weakness within your current portfolio and we will offer strategies to give those who are looking for the best income sources from 401K, retirement funds, savings, Social Security, pensions, etc.

STEP # 3.

            Develop A Compressive Plan – regardless of markets we can work together to establish a compressive & thought out plan to fit your individual needs.

We are available to meet our clients in a safe & effective manner we can send you a direct and confidential GoToMeeting link and we can review your statements, portfolio, and answer all questions effectively all while you remain in the safety of your home during the Covid19 times.

Call us today 800-630-4299 to schedule your FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, ONE ON ONE MEETING We look forward to exploring your options.