Alternative Investments

Many people today are exploring their options into alternative investments in conjunction with their traditional investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and CD’s.

The stock market is at an 11 year bull market where the S&P 500 averaged more than 16% per year. The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates which could have an impact on your portfolio and how you invest and what you choose to invest in. In years past CD’s and bonds paid meaningful interest. With the new lower rates that is not the case currently and more and more investors are looking for higher yielding investment opportunities.

Alternative Investments in most cases are not publicly traded and don’t have the volatility of the stock market. REITS -  which are real estate investment trusts that own & operate income producing real estate ranging from apartments, commercial buildings, shopping centers, etc. are a current option many investors find gratifying as an alternative to traditional bonds as the returns can be higher.

These types of investments can offer shorter hold periods than some traditional investments.

The Social Security Administration estimates a 25% chance of living until age 90 and a 10% chance of living until age 95 or longer. With advances in health care people are living longer and there money needs to last even longer than years past. Investors need to find diversification and ways to make their money grow and work for them due to inflation, living longer, and the cost of retirement.

We can provide several different strategies to assist in your financial success and overall performance of your portfolio. We can offer options to add a growth plan to your investment plan.