Retirement and your control

TAKE CONTROL of your Retirement

There is light at the end of the tunnel due to the Covid19 pandemic. The country is regaining strength & now is a great time to review your portfolio. There are many avenues in which you can take advantage of investment opportunities to enhance your portfolio.

  1. Are you concerned about outliving your money in retirement?
  2. Are you concerned foryour future medical expenses or cost of living?
  3. Are you worried about the economy, changes in the market, & world events?
  4. Are you tired of your Nest Egg being at risk & will you have enough for a legacy?

We are pleased to tell you that there are a variety of options that offer both peace of mind, income, and security to many retirees. You are not alone in many of your concerns, Most of our clients have the same thoughts and issues when it comes to their retirement lasting. We pride ourselves of diversification and risk management.

Most retirees cannot afford to lose a majority of their portfolio because many are no longer working and you may not have the opportunity to recapture the loss. In many cases, the loss of a portion of your portfolio is two times greater to earn back. The overall goal is preservation of capital, limited risk, and safeguarding your assets. The market is showing volatility and no one should live in limbo or in a state of uncertainty when it comes to their retirement portfolio.

At Classie Insurance & Investments, we can put together strategies to meet your goals and show you true diversification. We can work together to determine what is right for your needs and personalize a plan to reach your financial goals, risk level, & peace of mind. We look at your current assets 401K, IRA, Annuities, bonds, stocks, EFT’s, mutual funds, REITS, CD’s and your overall portfolio to put the best plan of action into play to work for you.

Now is a great time to have your assets reviewed as many are home, not working, and have the time to discuss their options and take advantage of ways to grow your portfolio.

We are available to meet our clients in a safe & effective manner. We can send you a direct and confidential GoToMeeting link and we can review your statements, portfolio, and answer all questions effectively all while you remain in the safety of your home or we are available in the office for a one on one confidential meeting.

Call us today 800-630-4299 to schedule your FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, ONE ON ONE MEETING we look forward to exploring your options.