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When it comes to most things in life getting a second opinion is always a great idea. You would do it with your health why not get a financial checkup as well.

Over the past 91 year history of the stock market (S&P 500) we are at the second highest price to sales ratio since the great depression. The highest it has been is 2.3 and we are currently at 2.2. We believe based on historical data that when price to sales ratios are at this level corrections have taken place. * Source for article below

 1929-1932 stock market down 93% (Great Depression)

 2000-2002 stock market down 43%  (Tech Bubble)

No one knows when the next big drop in the market will be. What we do know is markets need to correct themselves, which is why we believe in full diversification and review of your portfolio to ensure your portfolio is not at risk to a down turn in the market.

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