How to Navigate Your Portfolio

How to Navigate Your Portfolio

The Year of 2020 has been off to a dramatic start. There is light at the end of the tunnel due to the Covid19 pandemic. The country is regaining strength & now is a great time to review your portfolio.

The Stock Market has shown losses of up to 30% and then regained its strength with the stimulus package and actions taken by the Federal Reserve. The S&P500 has recovered most of the losses from the 1st quarter.

There is going to be a NEW NORMAL in the country as we reopen and the economy comes back from a crisis. What will this mean to your portfolio, your investments, and the choices you make moving forward? All great questions. Many want to sit tight and do nothing when there are great opportunities to be had right now within the market to capture upside in your portfolio. Others want to wait & ride it out and see what is to come. No one has the crystal ball to determine the future of your assets, but history has shown when diversifying your portfolio your chances for a more stable outcome prevails.  Investors have many choices.

Now is a great time to have your assets reviewed as many are home, not working, and have the time to discuss their options and take advantage of ways to grow your portfolio.

We are available to meet our clients in a safe & effective manner. We can send you a direct and confidential GoToMeeting link and we can review your statements, portfolio, and answer all questions effectively all while you remain in the safety of your home or we are available in the office for a one on one confidential meeting.

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