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TAKE CONTROL of your Retirement

  1. Are you concerned about outliving your money will you have enough in retirement?
  2. Are you concerned for your future medical expenses or cost of living?
  3. Are you worried about the economy & changes in the market?
  4. Are you tired of your Nest Egg being at risk & will you have enough for a legacy?

Time and Diversification

There are two key elements in a portfolio time and diversification?

Has your portfolio been able to recover from previous years of loss and uncertainty? Some people believe in taking a more aggressive approach to recapture losses rather than looking at the root cause. Is your portfolio truly diversified or are you to heavy in one area? That is something you can explore in a FREE consultation with us at our office.

Welcome to Classie Insurance & Investments

You have previously attended one of our seminars at Abe & Louie’s and we have begun to do a monthly newsletter that we feel you may find informative and educational.

It is our goal to connect with our clients and potential clients to make a difference in their portfolios success.